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Victory HQ

York County 2010 Victory Center

Our Victory HQ has been mothballed until our next election season.

Go to the Gallery to see pictures of the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Our headquarters served as a place to conduct many election activities, such as....

Stop by to pick up yard signs, bumper stickers, literature, etc.   Volunteers are needed for phone banking, door knocking and lit drops, sign waves along Rt. 17 and at events, headquarters staffing help, HQ snacks for volunteers, poll workers on election day, voter registration, voter contact, etc.

HQ address is 3630A George Washington Memorial Hwy. (Rt. 17), Yorktown, VA 23692, in the Pilgrim Village office area just north of Walmart & Victory Blvd. & where Rt. 134 joins Rt. 17 and just south of the reservoir. Our office faces Rt. 17 next door to the Vineyard Christian Fellowship church and is easily recognized with patriotic bunting under the 2nd floor windows.


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