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The Chairman’s Page

Greetings, Fellow Republicans!

I would like to welcome you to the 2014 - 2016 York County Republican Committee!  Growing up, I dreamed of holding a leadership position in our political system, and I am a testament to the American dream.  However, I fear future generations will not have the same opportunities we have had.  Our freedoms are in jeopardy.  A socialist agenda is threatening our great Republic.  The American people are being enticed to believe the government can legislate equality in everything from our medical system to wealth redistribution.  However, as Russia can attest, a government cannot successfully mandate this type of equality.  As Republicans, we cannot ignore this threat.  As a nation, as a party, and as committee we must restore the ideals of our founding fathers who believed in a “government of the People, by the People, for the People.”

We, as Americans and as Republicans, have a common purpose.  This purpose is a principle, an ideal engrained in every American.  It is our inheritance as citizens.  It is our birthright as sons and daughters of this great Republic.  This birthright is our inherited responsibility to let our voices be heard and govern the future of our nation.  This begins at the local level and resonates through state and national politics.

However, this year Senator Harry Reid has only allowed nine Republican Amendments to be brought to the Senate floor for a vote while his party has had approximately over 128 amendments.  Within the last five years, our country has endured multiple executive branch scandals:

IRS Targets - Veteran Hospitals not providing adequate medical care - NSA Scandal – Benghazi - Spying on the Associated Press – Rosengate - Fast and Furious - Selbelius soliciting funds for HHS - 2 Potential Counts of Attorney General Eric Holder alleging to commit perjury - Illegal and unethical conduct by the Secret Service - Influx of Illegal Immigration where immigrants have to endure inhumane conditions - Obamacare

These government transgressions are just a few examples of how our laws and constitutional rights have been ignored and violated.

As Americans, we have a choice.  Will you take the torch of freedom, which has been passed to us by previous generations?  Will you stand for freedom by sending Senator Mark Warner back to his home in Alexandria and by sending Ed Gillespie to the US Senate and Congressman Wittman to US Congress?  If we do not grasp the torch of justice and freedom, I am afraid the words of the National Anthem will no longer remain true.  As we continually witness, we will always be the home of the Brave, but if we continue down this course, we will no longer be the home of the FREE.  We, together, will defeat Mark Warner and the liberal agenda, but most importantly, we will always stand for the fundamental truths of this great nation that we have the privilege to call our home.

Whether it is door knocking, making campaign phone calls, and/or working on one of the standing committees, there is a place for you, and together we will restore our nation back to its fundamental principles.  I have enclosed an informational sheet that lists our officers with their contact information and the various ways you can get involved.  Again, welcome to the York County Republican Committee.


For the sake of Liberty,

Shirley R. Charles


Chairman, York County Republican Committee



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