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Ed Gillespie on Civil Rights

Increase share of African-American vote in midterm elections

 Gillespie, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, said: "We have to acknowledge the historic nature of [the election of] President Obama," especially for the African-American community, he said. But, Gillespie noted, going forward, Obama's "not going to be at the top of the ticket. That gives us the opportunity to make some headway."

He reminded the audience that for a time in the early 2000s, the GOP "increased its share of the black vote" slightly, though "it's kind of pathetic to be bragging" about going from 9% to 11% support. In the past two elections, however, the GOP has floundered with minority voters. "I think we can increase our share of the African-American vote in the midterm elections. I believe we definitely can, and certainly in the next presidential election," the Senate candidate said. "And we've got to."

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