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Please use the form below to donate York County Republican Committee. 

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If you would like to make a donation to the York County Republican Committee (operating fund, HQ, campaign efforts, etc.), please send your check or money order made out to YCRC to ..

P.O. Box 1654,
Yorktown, VA 23692

Remember that all contributions are governed by state and federal election laws and are not tax deductible.

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Our Districts

 Local Representation - Board of Supervisors

The citizens of York County are represented by a Board of Supervisors, one for each of the five districts.

York County District Map

A detailed map in pdf format for all of York County can be downloaded by clicking here.  This map shows our 5 districts, precinct boundaries, voter registration sites and polling places.  On the York County website you can find a street listing to help you find in which district you live.

A more detailed map of each of the 5 districts along with other land use and zoning information is found on the York County site.

State Representation

(Information for the following elected officials is from the Virginia General Assembly website and may be viewed by clicking on their name.)

There are three House of Delegates seats representing York County in the General Assembly in Richmond: the 91st (Gordon Helsel, R), the 93rd (Michael Watson, R) and the 96th (Brenda Pogge, R).  Those areas of York County can be downloaded by clicking here.

There are three Senate seats representing York County in the General Assembly in Richmond: the 1st (John Miller, D), 2nd (Mamie Locke, D), and 3rd (Tommy Norment, R).  Those areas of York County can be downloaded by clicking here.

 Federal Representation

York County falls in the First Congressional District and which currently represented by Rob Wittman (R).

Our two Senators which represent all of Virginia in Washington DC are Mark Warner, D and James Webb, D.

More information about our elected representative and senators is found on the Elected Officials page of this website.



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Our Partners and Supporters


The Republican Party of Virginia

Virginia Federation of of Republican Women

College Republican Federation of Virginia

Young Republican Federation of Virginia

Virginia Republican House Caucus

Virginia Republican Senate Caucus

Republican National Committee

And a list of conservative sites may also be found here.


 Supporters (or Not)

Election Cycle political donations, as reported by the Center for Responsive Politics.


Price Club/Costco donated $225K, 99% went to Democrats

Rite Aid donated $517K, 60% went to Democrats

Magla Products ( Stanley tools, Mr. Clean) donated $22K, 100% went to Democrats

Warnaco (undergarments) donated $55K, 73% went to Democrats

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia donated $153K, 99% went to Democrats

Estee Lauder donated $448K, 95% went to Democrats

Guess, Inc. donated $145K, 98% went to Democrats

Calvin Klein donated $78K, 100% went to Democrats

Liz Claiborne, Inc. donated $34K, 97% went to Democrats

Levi Straus donated $26K, 97% went to Democrats

Olan Mills donated $175K, 99% went to Democrats

WalMart donated $467K, 97% went to Republicans

K-Mart donated $524K, 86% went to Republicans

Home Depot donated $298K, 89% went to Republicans

Target donated $226K, 70% went to Republicans

Circuit City Stores donated $261K, 95% went to Republicans

3M Co. donated $281K, 87% went to Republicans

Hallmark Cards donated $319K, 92% went to Republicans

Amway donated $391K, 100% Republicans

Kohler Co. (plumbing fixtures) donated $283K, 100% Republicans

B.F. Goodrich (tires) donated $215K, 97% went to Republicans

Proctor & Gamble donated $243K, 79% went to Republicans


Southern Wine & Spirits donated $213K, 73% went to Democrats

Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons (incl. beverage Business and considerable media interests) donated $2M+, 67% went to Democrats

Gallo Winery donated $337K, 95% went to Democrats

Coors & Budweiser donated $174K, 92% went to Republicans

Brown-Forman Corp. (Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Bushmills, Korbel Wines, Lenox China , Dansk and Gorham Silver)donated $644 K -- 80% went to Republicans


Sonic Corporation donated $83K, 98% went to Democrats

Triarc Companies (Arby's, T.J. Cinnamon's, Pasta Connections) donated $112K, 96% went to Democrats

Pilgrim's Pride Corp. (chicken) donated $366K, 100% went to Republicans

Outback Steakhouse donated $641K, 95% went to Republicans

Tricon Global Restaurants (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) donated $133K, 87% went to Republicans

Brinker International (Maggiano's, Brinker Cafe, Chili's, On the Border, Macaroni Grill, Crazymel's, Corner Baker, EatZis) donated $242K, 83% went to Republicans

Waffle House donated $279K, 100% went to Republicans

McDonald's Corp. donated $197K, 86% went to Republicans

Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, Bahama Breeze) donated $121K, 89% went to Republicans

Heinz Republicans $64,000 Democrats $21,300!!!  John Kerry's wife's company!!!

Traveling and/or dining

Hyatt Corporation donated $187K of which 80% went to Democrats

Marriott International $323K, 81% went to Republicans

Holiday Inns donated $38K, 71% went to Republicans


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Joining Us




The meeting of the York County Republican Committee was called to order on 22 May, 2014  at 7:00 p.m. in Tabb Middle School Cafeteria, 300 Yorktown Road, Yorktown, Virginia  23696 for the purpose of conducting business as stated in the following agenda: 



I. Appointment of Temporary Officers

A. Secretary: Linda Hutchinson was nominated by the Chair and seconded 

by Pat Rapp. Her appointment was approved.

B. The Chair appointed the following as members of the Teller Committee 

of this meeting: Chad Green, Sandra Jones, Patty Diggs and Becky 


C. In accordance with York County Republican Committee Bylaws, the 

Chair appointed a Parliamentarian. Wade McRoberts was appointed 

Parliamentarian for 2014 - 2016 York County Republican Committee


II. Opening Ceremonies

A. Invocation: Yama Hoyes 

B. Pledge of Allegiance: Sue McRoberts

C. Virginia Republican Creed: Sheriff Danny Diggs 

D. These guests were welcomed: Tony Riley and Lexi Larson representing 

Ed Gillespie, candidate for State Senator


III. Roll Call

Secretary Linda Hutchinson called the roll. A quorum was declared with 52 

voting members present.


IV. Introductions: The Chair welcomed

A. New members who joined for the first time on March 25, 2014.

B. Applicants new to the committee to be voted on at the next business 



V. Opening Remarks

The Chair thanked the membership for the honor of serving the committee and 

encouraged the membership to be actively involved in the upcoming elections

with the goal of defeating the liberal agenda. 


VI. Approval of Minutes

A. General Business Meeting - March 6, 2014

B. Mass Meeting – March 25, 2014

A point of order was called by Paula Krewinghaus stating that the current 

committee could not approve the minutes from the prior committee. The Chair 


delayed approval of the minutes until a final determination could be made.


VII. Election of Officers

A. Secretary: Gail Keller nominated Linda Hutchinson.

B. Treasurer: Chad Green nominated George Clark.

C. Vice Chair for Membership: Chuck McGee nominated Steven Sheriff.

D. Vice Chair of Membership: Frank Barger nominated Sue McRoberts.

E. Executive Vice Chair: Lynn Howard nominated David Phillips.

Since no additional candidates were nominated, a voice vote was held resulting in 

the approval of all five candidates.

VIII. The Reading of the Composition of the Executive Committee

A. Secretary: Linda Hutchinson.

B. Treasurer: George Clark.

C. Vice Chair for Membership: Steven Sheriff.

D. Vice Chair of Membership: Sue McRoberts.

E. Executive Vice Chair: David Phillips.

F. One representative from (and elected by) the publicly elected officials: 

Danny Diggs

G. The President of the York Republican Women's Club: Mary Clark


IX. Committee Report

A. Audit Committee: Kathy Lightner and David Rolston stated that there is 

no stipulation in the bylaws for an audit. Therefore, they described the 

process and recommended a change in the processing of monies formerly 

donated to maintaining of the YC Headquarters. They recommended that 

these monies be processed through the committee budget rather than 

being processed separately.


X. New Business

A. The 4th of July Parade: Chad Green made a motion that the YCRC take 

part in the 4th of July parade. It was seconded by Frank Barger. Tom 

Nelson raised a question about the location of the parade, stating that 

every effort should be made not to infringe on the property rights of 

residents. The motion was seconded and passed. The Chair will assist in 

finding additional volunteers to work with Tom Nelson in planning for 

the parade.

B. The 4th July Program Ad: Chad Green made a motion that the committee 

approve revenues of $500 for the ad. It was seconded by Sheila Noll. The 

motion carried.


XI. Good of the Order

A. Anthony Riedel, candidate for House of Representatives, District 1 spoke 

on his behalf.

B. Danny Diggs spoke on behalf of Rob Wittman, candidate for House of 


Representatives, District 1.

C. Mary Clark raised a question about the revenues from the Lincoln 

Reagan Dinner. The Chair referred her to the audit.

D. Bart Barton proposed a Resolution regarding York County Board of 

Supervisors proposed resolution R14-66. The complete text of the 

resolution is attached. 

A discussion ensued questioning and clarifying the resolution. 

Frank Ancarrow, adjacent property owner to the property in question, 

opposed the resolution. 

Mary Clark raised the question that the resolution must be in written 

form and 30 days notice must be given. Parliamentarian Wade 

McRoberts stated that the only requirement for prior notice is for a 

change in the bylaws.

Robin Milewski called the question, stating that the committee was not 

hearing the facts to allow an informed vote and made a motion that the 

resolution be tabled so the people could present the facts. It was 

seconded by Brett Grosshans. Tom Nelson called a point of order 

concerning the date of the next Board of Supervisors’ meeting. The next 

meeting being on the 3rd Tuesday, after the next YCRC meeting, a vote 

on the motion was held. The motion did not carry.

For: 19 Against: 27

Bart Barton called the question to end the debate and vote on the 

resolution. The motion did not carry.

Further discussion ensued with questions directed to the Chair who

referred them to the primary parties: Frank Ancarrow and Anthony 


Chad Green made a motion to vote by secret ballot. It was approved. The 

secretary called roll for members to present their ballots to the tellers. 

The Resolution carried:

For: 34 Against: 15 Blank: 2


XII. Reminders

A. Republican Party of Virginia 2014 Convention – June 7, 2014

B. Next YCRC Business Meeting – Thursday, June 5, 2014

C. Republican Congressional Primary – June 10, 2014

D. Executive Board Meeting – May 29, 2014

E. Wade McRoberts announced the Memorial Day Ceremony at Langley 

Air Force Base 


F. Tom Nelson announced the Memorial Day Service at York Hall




Respectfully submitted,

________________________________ ________________________

Linda Hutchinson, Secretary Date

________________________________ ________________________

Shirley R. Charles Date

Chairman, York County Republican Committee

1 Attachment: Resolution regarding York County Board of Supervisors proposed 


resolution R14-66


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